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1975-Aug 1977  ??Bartlett Rd.?? Streamwood
May 1978-Sept 1979
1980-2001 106 N Western Ave. Bartlett
1114 E. Lake St. Hanover Park 2001-October 31 2013
18 W. Streamwood Blvd Streamwood November 1 2013- Present
EDI Club 18W Streamwood Blvd. Streamwood IL 60107
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In the later part of 1974, Grace Lutheran Church on Bartlett Road Friday evening meeting became too large. Several of the members voiced concern as comments could no longer go around the table. In 1975 Jackie R. and Greg K. thought maybe starting a club called EDI would be a social place and also a meeting place for A.A. Later that year the charter was drawn up. The charter members were Jackie R., Greg K., Henry (Hank) R., Jerry (The Beard) A., and Roger and Louise. The first meeting was held at Advent Lutheran Church on Irving Park Road in Streamwood. It was there for several months and even held a few Saturday open Meetings. Frank Sweeney, who had real estate building on the South West corner of Irving and Bartlett Road, had a smaller building to the North. He said we could use that. It had no running water or bathroom. if you wanted you could always go next door to the real estate place. When we made coffee we had to lug water from next door. But it was great! After the first winter we had  almost 20 members and were bursting at the seams so we had to find another place. Lo and behold the bakery was offered. But boy the renovations that had to be made were many. That was in 1976. At that time we not only had AA 3-4 times a week but now was able to have Alanon. Alateen came shortly after. We even had Saturday open wich had about 30-40 people in attendance. The Village of Bartlett said we had to move as they were going to tear down the building. Code violations or something to that affect. Then came a house on the corner of Western and Bartlett Road were we moved in in 1978. In 1979 we moved to the Church Parsonage at the corner of Western and North Avenues in Bartlett. That was wonderful. AA, Alanon and Alateen all under one roof and a real to goodness kitchen and bathroom with running water. We were able to stay there until 2000 when the parsonage was going to be torn down. In 2000 we moved to Hanover Park. EDI has been been around for 38 years and a welcome addition to all our lives. Anonymous.   November 2013 EDI Club moved from Greenbrook Shoping Center in Hanover Park to our curent location of 18 W. Streamwood Blvd. in the Hillbrook Square shopping center near Bartlett Rd.