E.D.I (Easy Does It) Club
We are located at 18 W. Streamwood Blvd. Streamwood E.D.I. (Easy Does It) Club is located at 18 W. Streamwood Blvd. Streamwood, IL. Our new facility is larger, more comfortable and we will have more to offer to our members! SEE MAP HERE New memberships are available NOW! See any board member. Membership is NOT required to attend meetings. Hello all who call EDI home, and those who visit us as well. We greatly appreciate your support these last 11 months during the pandemic. At this point in time, we are running about $1000 a month short on the bills at EDI. If that trend should continue, we will be closing our doors permanently on June 1st. In a normal year, key sales, the anniversary dinner, etc, would keep up going longer, but we have been unable to do any fundraisers, other than this. We do not normally share financials openly (outside of key holders who inquire), but our bills have not changed. Our bills are roughly $2678.00 per month. We have received, through these fundraisers $8247 over the past year, and some money through the website as well. Over 10 months that's been about 824.70 per month. Our bills have not really changed. We are asking you to please dig deep, help us to keep these doors open. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are looking forward to all being home in the EDI club again soon. Thanks so much for helping keep us going.
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EDI is located in the Hillbrook Square shopping center on Streamwood Blvd.off of Bartlett Rd. Find us on the map and get directions
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  Become a Member,  Purchase a Key or Donate. Help Fund Operating Expenses.   To Purchase EDI Merchandise or a membership, See any board member Get Involved!  This is YOUR Club!
EDI Club 18W Streamwood Blvd. Streamwood IL 60107 Map to find EDI Club Map to find EDI Club
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